Zilikaa was born out of the pure curiosity to explore the deepest and the finest craft of India. With Ultra-fine fabrics enhanced with exquisitely handcrafted designs and motifs, we cast a spell with our selected handpicked designs to make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin and all of this with slender and elegant look.

We believe in providing you selected handpicked designs where each Zilikaa design has an exciting and an emotional journey preserving a beautiful legacy.

When our legacy design gets into the hands of women it goes through a lot of emotions. Its emotional journey starts when you caress every fold and romanticizes every crease in it. Once you wrap it around yourself, it gets bonded with you and starts experiencing the same happiness, joy, pain, hatred, and every other emotion you go through. 

Our goal at Zilikaa is to provide you with the most authentic and exquisitely handcrafted handpicked designs at your home - No matter where you are - Mumbai or Delhi, US or UK, Dubai or Canada, Jaipur or Jalandhar, we deliver them all worldwide.

Do try shopping at Zilikaa because we do not just deliver sarees, we deliver emotions.